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Paint & More Events is a California based company located in the San Francisco Bay area.  We are looking for Restaurants like you to join us in our adventure providing customers a unique experience!


Join other restaurants who are already participating in this new trend.  Paint & More Events typically brings 25+ people into your restaurant to paint, eat, drink and socialize. We'll bring customers to you on a regular basis offering painting, and customers, at no charge to you.  And, little clean-up: we use non-toxic washable (kids paint) that can easily be cleaned with water and a sponge.













Paint & More Eventshost events at local restaurants, wineries etc.  Each event is approximately 2 hours, and usually starts at 7 PM on weeknights. We are more flexible on weekends.


We arrive early to set up and stay afterwards to clean up.


People order drinks and may purchase appetizers or meals too! This is where the restaurant revenue comes from.


We like to host a minimum of once a month



We ask that you set up a space to accomodate 30 or or more people eating dinner and painting  (We put down plastic table cloths to protect the tables).


We will need you to provide water to fill our cups  - for painting. Also, a dedicated waitress who checks on the group during the event asking people for refills or to take orders.


Set the light to bright lighting, this is best for all Paint & More events.





We do ask that you give us about 6 weeks  to promote the event to ensure a full crowd. The more time, the larger the group for the event.  We would like to host at our Restaurants at least once a month.


We display your restaurant information for our events and will get this data from your website.

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